☑️Multipoint Connect = a set of earbuds that can connect 2 devices
The most eye-catching can connect 2 devices at the same time (mobile phone or tablet/iPad), e.g. when you are watching a film, you can directly pick up the call from another mobile phone. An AUVI  headset can be mixed, and it is convenient to answer any call.

☑️DAA Noise Cancellation = Call Clear + Clear Voice
AUVI's exclusive DAA (Dynamic Adaptive Audio) + ENC noise reduction for calls will not change the sound during calls. In the subway, bus, street or restaurant, the background noise will be processed to reduce noise, and the human voice will be in front of the noise so that the other party can hear more clearly during the call.

☑️AUVI proprietary APP
It can adjust different music modes of "Music", "Movie, and Game” modes only 45ms  super-low-latency, "ENC Noise Reduction" ON/OFF and reconnaissance battery power, etc.

✅Strong battery life! About 7 hours per single use, up to 28 hours with the charging compartment, provides day-long power to fuel your day!
✅Earbuds in-ear fit with ergonomic design for comfortable wearing
Waterproof Level - IPX6 for rain/sweat resistance