About Us


Auvi is a company that founded by technologist and musician. We developed our proprietary algorithm (patent pending) that can upgrade music. It is the reason why we have developed the product for great brand like AR, partnership with Spotify.


A new high quality product that ushers you into a new era in entertainment. With a unique music source, Auvi can link you to an infinite music world.  You are free to share your favorite music across the globe with your friends. A series of superior audio product for music , games and health. 


Auvi utilises core technologies in hardware and software to provide revolutionary and reliable wireless streaming solutions. Our powered APU (Auvi Processing Unit) and Auvi app, help minimize the distortion of music quality during the transmission from on-line to off-line.

Multimedia collage

Studio-Talk: Noise Cancellation Performance Test In Different Scenario

  • Multipoint Connect

    A set of earbuds can connect with 2 Smart Devices (iPhone, Android phone or Notebook). The Multipoint Connect+ Sync can achieve a stable connection, and the earbuds adopts full touch mode to makes it easy to navigate commands.

  • DAA Noise Cancellation

    DAA (Dynamic Adaptive Audio) in our True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds, the Studio-Talk makes every “conversation” exceptionally clear and productive.

  • Unique App

    For an enhanced UX, it comes with aproprietary app that lets you betterachievethe soundofyour earbuds. This DAA will execute corresponding algorithm according to the scene, thus adjust and produce the best audio quality to the listener.

Studio-G, Specially designed for Gaming