Experience Harmony on the Go with the Studio-Trek Compact Stereo device. 

"Harmony in Hand” - StudioTrek: your pocket-sized powerhouse, complete with an airplane adapter for seamless sky-bound soundtracks. Beyond the clouds, it’s your portal to music, TV, and gaming—enjoy every beat, scene, and victory in vibrant solitude, keeping the world around you peacefully unaware.

"Crystal-Clear Control” - OLED display lights your way to effortless pairing and pristine playback, showcasing connected devices and codec clarity. Dive into a world where simplicity meets sophistication—ten memories deep.

“Sky-High Soundscapes” - Elevate your inflight experience with StudioTrek’s airplane adapter—plug in, tune out, and soar through your entertainment with the comfort of your own headphones.

"Endless Beats, Uninterrupted” - StudioTrek powers your playlist marathon with its long-lasting battery, ensuring your soundtrack to adventure never skips a beat—day in, day out, journey after journey.

“Savor your silent symphony” - Immerse in music, TV, and gaming, all while enveloping those around you in undisturbed peace.

“Multipoint Connect ~2 devices” - Unleash boundless musical freedom with our dual connection technology—link any headphones and dive into your favorite melodies together, no limits, just pure harmony.


aptX LL, aptX HD, SBC, AAC

Multipoint Connect 2 devices

Battery capacity 300mAh

Working time 30 hours

Charging by Type- C

Charging time ~2 hours 

With 2 detachable audio pins

With the extended 3.5mm AUX cable